I have some patches which will try to extract a core dump of a user-mode
process which are based on similar changes for lcrash that were done
by IBM a while ago.  It's been a little flaky and I haven't had
time to investigate.  I did this as a crash extension and only
for i386.
I'm attaching it here... Hope you'll find it useful.

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Subject: [Crash-utility] User Stack back trace of the process


Is it possible to display the user stack trace of a process (Not kernel stack trace of a process) from kernel core dump using crash utility.

#bt <pid>
will display the kernel stack trace of the process pid.

And also I'm thinking, is it possible to gdb each task(process) from kernel core dump, as we do nprmally for process core dump?

Let me know, whether the above said points are feasible?

Any comments...